Manifesto and Bio


Art is a chisel to shape reality. Born and joyfully breed barefoot between the West Alps and Turin he dream of a career as a professional athlete but he got a Master degree at the faculty of Business and Economy of Turin and work into Benetton family business before moving to Ireland to work for Barclay's credid card division. Quit the corporations chapter of his life he fund the mythical Piedescalso Art Cafe' in the Liberties Dublin. Move to France to dance with the vines for 8 years, he write the controversial book "Super Natural Wine" the Black Revelation Circle, he  get elected Vice President of the Organic wine maker's association of the Beaujolais wine reagion and in collaboration with a few of the finest sensible brave feral sensitive vigneron of France he found the Bojalien wine fair: nothing added, nothing removed, 100% QI. Back to Ireland in Cloughjordan Tipperary, after working as builder, farmer and chef, he launch September 2019 his new project: the Irish Wine Coop. Luckiest father of 2 wonderful baby potatoes, he is a playful dedicated artist and he believe the way to create Art is to burn and destroy ordinary concept and sobstitute them with new Truths that run down from the top of the head and out of the heart.